Right links for Pevsner reviews, bibliography

Pevsner displeasedSorry – the previous link to pre-publication reviews of Nikolaus Pevsner: the Life was wrong. Here is the correct one http://www.pevsnerinfo.cswebsites.org/default.aspx?page=26938

Illustration by Gerald NasonOne of the reviews mentions the lack of a bibliography. Just to repeat a previous post: the 66-page bibliography would have tipped the book over the 900 page mark, which might have been overdoing it a bit – it can be found on the pevsner info website at http://www.pevsnerinfo.cswebsites.org/default.aspx?page=26867

  1. Thanks very much for this – I think you’re spot on when it comes to Pioneers.

  2. Well I think you did overdo it a bit, in the later period when he was more like a civil servant and a committee man than surely he wanted to be. He seems to be surrounded by grey men and that’s boring for the reader, in contrast to the exhilarating earlier life. But that apart it’s a wonderful book and a moving tribute. The penultimate chapter on ‘Moral Architecture’ and NP’s Cambridge enemies was chilling.
    I wanted to say about Pioneers, which I find to be a fantastically rich historical and personal document, that the form of it says a great deal. It’s some English architectural history framed by a German academic vision, as of 1936, that just has to express itself. It’s a surely not entirely conscious attempt to find a place for England in a German outlook, an attempt to embrace English material in German Form (in italics), and therefore, whatever else it is, yet another moving testament to NP’s pain at being emotionally and intellectually uprooted. It’s a work of his that bothers you though – this was the only chapter I found a bit uncertain. German intellectual Form WAS seen as superior and in many critical matters still is in my view, compared with the more amateurish English approach.
    The German is great except for die Harmlosen which in some contexts needs a plural ending.
    Still a fantastic piece of work, for which heartfelt thanks.

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